About me

My name is Silvana Juri and I'm a current student at the University of Brighton, completing a Masters in Sustainable Design. Originally from Uruguay, I have been awarded a scholarship by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office after recognizing my academic excellence and potential to become a leader in my field. With a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I've spent over 8 years engaging with creative practices especially in close relationship with community outreach. In my home country, I was involved with academic teams, workshops, lectures and community activities especially from my experience with the graphic arts and communication design. As a design professional, I have produced work for many local and international clients and have lead teams of designers.

My curiosity and passion for the relationship between the role food play in people’s lifestyles and our cultures, I have developed and expanded my interests to take into account and exploit this area of humanity and connect it to my design practice. The award has given me the opportunity to develop my work in further depth during the Masters. My research interest intersects the potential of design for social change and the use of collaborative methods to promote the discussion and spark changes that will have a real impact on people’s lives at a personal and global level. My goal is to help people embrace dietary habits to bring about a new food culture that will positively affect society and the planet as a whole.

You can visit my website to find out more about the work that I've been developing through the course here.