Reshaping the future of our food, today

Current diets are unsustainable. Food and diets have been on the spotlight lately, both in the media, within policymakers and international organizations. Nations have recently committed to pursue the UN's Sustainable Developing Goals and in particular to engage into actions to tackle climate change.There is no possible solution without addressing changes in the way we eat. The health of the planet and its people is at stake, and the future of food security.
Since food is something we all rely on and participate in, we can all be part of the solution.

The workshop I am proposing represents an open canvas to develop the discussion and inspire solutions that have an impact on our present wellbeing, from daily habits, to communities, to cultures and society as a whole. It is an opportunity to choose a course of action and decide collectively what we want the future of our food to be.



The truth behind the pudding

This workshop is a hands-on experience that revolves around the table and engages participant's ideas, emotions and perceptions. They do so by discussing different issues, tasting and even preparing food! It is a rewarding social activity where everyone gets the chance to speak their mind, add value through their personal experiences, propose solutions and even learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.

Who is it for?

The workshop has been designed to be adaptable to different settings and locations and it is of special interest and benefit for office settings related to education, product/service development, public services or marketing. It is an inspiring bonding activity that is also rewarding and valuable both for the individuals and also company/institution values.


A taste of food and sustainability

From drawing, to writing, to tasting, to cooking, to savoring food and sustainability with the help of puddings. A tasty way to improve our health and that of the planet!